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Now in Season 5, Project Pitch It is the one place in Wisconsin where Entrepreneurship + Education + Entertainment = Inspiration! Watch Wisconsin entrepreneurs pitch their dynamic ideas to a panel of leading business moguls who question, advise, and challenge the participants to take their ventures to the next level. In each episode three entrepreneurs demonstrate their game-changing innovations and vie for weekly awards valued at a total of $30,000. Engage. Learn. Enjoy! Watch Project Pitch It! 

Episode 1

Season 5 Episode1


Novir delivers smart, reliable, fast and flexible testing solutions for companies, schools, and organizations of all sizes. Our customer service sets us apart.
Full service: We come on-site with our experts and testing partners to efficiently screen your employees, students and/or customers. Testing takes three minutes, with results in the cloud.
Self service, with support: We send you our turnkey testing kits, instructions to administer those tests safely, and provide customer support from our team. https://novir-usa.com

Season 5 Episode1

Carvd N Stone

Carvd N Stone Inc. is your weekly source of positive news. We were founded by Nyesha Stone on Jan. 21, 2017. Stone grew tired of covering the same negative news and scandals that every other reporter was, so she decided to stop. Carvd N Stone is dedicated to covering the news no one else will and changing the way people view journalism.
Carvd N Stone not only reports on positive news, but also gives back to the community through community events, scholarships, grants and educational programming. https://www.carvdnstone.com

Season 5 Episode1

Tortilleria Zepeda

Heidi left her home state of Wisconsin in 2013 to seek adventure south of the border in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There she met her husband, Julian Zepeda, who was working as a Marine Biologist and a few years later they moved to the United States. They decided to set roots in Madison, Wisconsin near Heidi’s hometown of Spring Green. Disappointed with the lack of “authentic Mexican” tacos in Madison, Julian quickly realized the reason behind the missing Mexican authenticity , was the tortilla. He then asked Heidi, “With fields upon, fields of beautiful corn in Wisconsin, why is no one making fresh corn tortillas?” She responded, “great question!” This is how it all started… In 2018, they quickly got to work. During Julian’s childhood and into adulthood, he spent hours in the kitchen observing and helping his grandmother and mother prepare traditional dishes. He already had quite a knack for preparing food and knew with the support of his family only a Skype call away, he was confident he could recreate the authentic style tortilla he grew up to love. Last year he furthered his education by participating in an apprenticeship in Mexico City and Guadalajara with leading “tortilleros” in the country who taught him how to perfect pre-hispanic nixamalization process to create the most authentic Mexican tortilla possible. https://tortilleriazepeda.com/

Episode 2

Season 5 Episode 2

Steady Shot

Giving multiple injections a day, injection sites get sore and eventually develop a condition called lipohypertrophy (LH). LH causes more pain, more insulin to be injected to have the same target glucose result, and erratic absorption of insulin which can lead to inconsistent glucose targets. https://mysteadyshot.com/

Season 5 Episode 2

Happ:y Wellness

Ushering in a new era of telehealth, the Happ:y System is designed to help yoga teachers, students, and therapists communicate in a whole new way. https://www.happyw.co

Season 5 Episode 2


Does your dog go to social gatherings like barkday pawties, bark-mitzvahs, dog yappy hours? Or maybe you simply like to treat your dog to the best because you believe dogs deserve real food too. Ever notice that when shopping for a dog treat, there isn’t anything that is luxurious to treat your dog with or give as a gift? Well we did, we noticed that all dog treats come in what we call “elevated zip lock bags” and nothing luxurious, thats for sure. We decided to create a solution to finding that perfect gift, for either your dog or a friends dog, filled with simple and limited ingredients and packed luxuriously so that your dog can feel as special, as we know they are. https://shoppetphoria.com

Episode 3

Season 5 Episode 3

The Wholesome Diaper

Disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals that are linked to eczema, rashes, asthma, cancer, etc. and can negatively affect the endocrine and reproductive systems. They are also terrible for the environment. One diaper will take 500 years to break down in a landfill. Cloth diapering saves thousands of pounds of plastic waste from contaminating our planet’s ecosystem. Cloth diapers decrease leaks and rashes and allow your baby’s skin to breathe and be chemical-free. https://wholesomediaper.com/

Season 5 Episode 3

Last Lock

Last Lock was founded in 2019 by UW-Madison graduate and Minnesota native Jack Ryan. The company emerged from gener8tor’s 16-week Accelerator Studio program based in Milwaukee, WI. The idea came to Jack as he was walking home and saw a tangled string of locks on a gate. This daisy chain system allows a select number of people access without having to copy and share keys. Additionally, it’s easy to add another user to the system by simply adding another lock to the chain.

Season 5 Episode 3

The Code-Switcher

The vision of the Code-Switcher, LLC, is to stimulate the minds of millions of readers by publishing unique books and helping aspiring authors bring their stories to life. https://thecodeswitcherllc.com/

Episode 4

Season 5 Episode 4


PerceptForm is an end-to-end ecosystem of cryptocurrency/blockchain products and services for introducing minority communities to the new world of blockchain. https://perceptform.tech/

Season 5 Episode 4


Become a citizen scientist in your garden with our Seed Collection Experience! Our guided trialing experiences help you grow a garden full of flavor with support from experts and an online community. With your participation we are building valuable regional seed knowledge for a more resilient future.​ https://www.seedlinked.com/

Season 5 Episode 4

The Naked Baker

The Naked Baker Gluten Free Cookies Gloriously Gluten Free. Full of Flavor. Our fresh baked gluten-free cookies and gluten free brownies are made with simple ingredients you can recognize and are “naked” of all the bad stuff. https://www.thenakedbakercookies.com/

Episode 5

Season 5 Episode 5

Cream City Print Lounge

I am the owner Cream City Print Lounge. I have changed the way screen printed is looked at in the Midwest. We continue to provide the community with ways of expressing themselves on apparel and educating our youth on entrepreneurship in the city! https://www.creamcityprintlounge.com

Season 5 Episode 5


Established in 2020, WorkShift is a startup working to bridge the gap between businesses seeking healthcare workers and the workers themselves. Our goal is to connect local healthcare workers with companies and organizations seeking on-demand medical/clinical services to include COVID Testing and vaccinations. In the Milwaukee Metro Area, WorkShift is also connecting workers in the service industry with open shifts. From restaurants to hotels, WorkShift is a new way of matching available shifts with a talented pool of workers ready to work! Through WorkShift, we hope to build a force of healthcare and service industry workers willing and ready to help when needed.
For Healthcare: https://www.healthworkshift.com
For Restaurants: https://www.workshiftinfo.com

Season 5 Episode 5

Boosted Chews

It all began with Aditya chugging over four iced mochas a day, and Kit hunting for a tasty sip to slurp on. We wondered, “We’re engineers, what if we just made our own drinks?” Thus, our hallmark product: Boosted Juice! But the world wasn’t ready for it, so we pivoted to our real hallmark product: Boosted Fruit Snacks! But this time, we weren’t ready for it. We needed something small and flavorful, something that we could quickly snack on and get energized in one fell bite. That’s when we came up with the real real hallmark product: BOOSTED CHEWS! Since November 2019, we’ve been creating a delicious bite sized caffeinated chocolate chew capable of boosting you up to get you through the day. https://www.boostedchews.com

Episode 6

Season 5 Episode 6

Valor Aquaponics

The goal is to build our own custom automation system and also design and implement our own, custom green technology to make our company more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Season 5 Episode 6

Octane Coffee

Octane Coffee was founded in 2018 and will be launching its first drive-thru location in Milwaukee, WI during Q2 2021.
We sell time, with a great cup of coffee. https://www.octanemke.com

Season 5 Episode 6

The Classic Shoppe

So it all started when our founder was shopping in a popular contemporary store one day and an overwhelming sense of frustration set in. As she flipped through rack after rack, she became more and more fed up with not being able to find what she was looking for; not one thing represented her. She did not want to wear something with a band she never listened to or a face of someone that she really did not have that much in common with, just because the colors matched what was needed to complete an outfit. And when she did find a rare gem with a person or a quote with whom she could identify, it seemed like it was the same person or quote, just served up different ways.

Episode 7

Season 5 Episode 7


The only linen solution for airbnb hosts that completely eliminates laundry from your hosting life. https://www.washbnb.com/

Season 5 Episode 7

Nourish Natural Products

Our products were originally created for family members. When you purchase any Nourish product, you are getting the same high-quality, safe, and organic ingredients that we give to our loved ones. https://nourishnaturalproducts.com/

Season 5 Episode 7

Tip A ScRxipt

More than 1 in 5 American adults report inability to pay for needed prescriptions. Our Mission: We help society assist vulnerable communities cover the cost of their medical prescriptions. https://www.tipascrxipt.com/​

Episode 8

Season 5 Episode 8

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower is an advocacy company that provides products to students, teens and adults who are prone to stress and anxiety.​
Email us: YellowFlower.healthyheadspace@gmail.com

Season 5 Episode 8

King's Customs

Kings Customs is a shoe customizing business. Each pair is hand painted by artist, Cody Schoeni. Kings Customs designs each shoe to fit what the clients want, so they can be unique and stand out in their one-of-a-kind shoes! https://www.instagram.com/kingscustom.s

Season 5 Episode 8

We're Here

An aromatherapy subscription box to promote positivity, reduce stress and encouraging healthy sleeping patterns through meditation.

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